Chocolate Manor Hot Chocolate Spoon

Chocolate Manor Hot Chocolate Spoon

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The simplest way to enjoy the tastiest hot chocolate is undoubtedly our hot chocolate spoons – now available in a range of exciting flavours. Simply warm at least 200ml of milk, or a vegan alternative, and stir in your chosen flavour. Watch the chocolate blend into a delicious and warming drink to be savoured!

The Chocolate: We have selected a first-rate selection of Belgian chocolate for our hot chocolate spoons from the creamy and smooth White Chocolate; silky and sweet Caramel Chocolate; pink, tart and fruity Ruby Chocolate; velvety and luscious Milk Chocolate; and a rich and intense Dark Chocolate, which just happens to also be vegan! You can also choose Milk Chocolate topped with marshmallows, or Milk chocolate paired with zingy orange!

The Design:  Each hot chocolate is presented on a biodegradable wooden spoon.

The Presentation: Finished in a compostable bag.