Meet our Artists

Stone Row Artisans, as it's name suggests, is a collective of talented designer~makers and artisans from the Causeway Coast, based in our beautiful shop at 1st Floor, 2-6 Stone Row in Coleraine. Let's meet them. 

Vivien Kennedy from Cercle Boutique

Cercle Boutique sells sustainable fashion curated vintage and preowned clothing for modern wardrobes. 


Emma Thorpe from Atlantic Rose.

Inspired by her 10 year long career in archaeology, Emma uses the ancient techniques of chainmail and viking knitting, alongside sand casting and hand forging, to produce beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery. Based in Portstewart, Emma's work is inspired by everything from the natural shapes of the Giant's Causeway and local coast line, to the industrial graft of the Belfast shipyards, ropeworks and linen mills.

In addition to her ready-to-wear pieces, Emma provides a bespoke jewellery service, working closely with clients to create unique jewellery that they will treasure forever.
You can find more of Emma's work on


Lorna Shannon from Crann & Caora

A Yorkshire lass, living and working in North Antrim. Lorna weaves and spins native breed fibres into homewares, scarves and shawls. Her inspiration comes from the colours of the British and Irish landscapes and her passion is using wool from the sheep that graze these hills.

You can find more of Lorna's work here

Tonia Kennedy from Glass4Class

A born & bred local woman with a passion for Fused Glass and the local countryside. Tonia has lived in various places throughout her career but has always returned to the causeway coast. With a love of bright colours and a real talent for working with this fragile material  Tonia often makes bright and fun pieces as well as the more muted tones of beach and rocky scenery. 

You can find more of Tonia's work here.  

 Jennifer McCullough from UPainted

Hello, I’m Jennifer. Welcome to Upainted. I run a furniture up-cycling business, based in the north of Ireland, specialising in transforming tired or plain furniture into bespoke pieces.

I began painting and revamping my own furniture, learning from trial and error over 20 years ago. This led to painting for friends and family and ultimately to the creation of Upainted in early 2020. I’ve perfected my skills through a variety of courses and by networking with other professional painters gaining tips and friends along the way. In 2020 I was a finalist in the Natural Wood category of the Fliprunway Refinishing Awards, an industry award for furniture painters in the UK and Ireland and am currently a finalist in the Irish Country Magazines Annual Irish Made Awards.

Claire McDowell from Bad Bird Crafts

When I was 5 years old, my mother, a wedding dressmaker, gave me an old broken tiara to play with.  After leaving it outside, I watched as a magpie swooped down and stole it - that began a life long love affair with these mischievous ‘bad birds’

Bad Bird Craft is Claire McDowell, a wildlife artist, from the beautiful North Coast of Northern Ireland. Inspired on a daily basis by the stunning wildlife found on our coastline, rivers and woods, Claire believes that being in nature is one of the best things we can do for our wellbeing.
Bad Bird illustrations take up to 40 hours of finely detailed rendering, working mainly with colour pencils, and inks, and are based on beloved Irish wildlife. The sculptures are made from Merino, Lancashire and Shetland wool, or polymer clay and resin, and incorporate salvaged and vintage items to add a touch of magic.
Maxine Curran Art

Having a background in textile design and art teaching I have enjoyed working and experimenting with a wide variety of media. As I am now venturing into my own field of painting and mixed media I enjoy focusing on texture, colour and media mixing. I notice that my love of Ireland shows through my work , representing the landscapes and seascapes at their most atmospheric.

It is not hard to find beauty in my surroundings, from lambs in the fields standing close buy their mothers to old barns left to let nature take over. There is such beauty in the old...showing textures, colours and forms that only time and the elements can create. Stones covered in ivy, windows long broken with trees growing inside old decaying buildings  exposed to the wind and rain as the few lasting remaining  slates refuse to let go. Old doors with decades of paint beginning to be peeled back by the sun, rain and wind, the grain of the wood beautifully exposed.

I try to convey my a little of the peace I experience when out walking within my paintings, enjoying the skies at their most dramatic.

I tend to work in acrylics, watercolours and oils as well as clay to create the affects and textures I am looking for.

Graham Watts from Causeway Coffee

Graham moved back to the Causeway Coast after spending 25 years in London working in IT. 

'I could never have predicted that I would move back and help launch a coffee roastery but so glad I did'. Since then Causeway Coffee has been on a mission to source and roast the highest quality coffee beans from around the world. In the short time we've been going they've won the Gold award at the Irish Food Awards two years running and also a Star rating from the UK's Great Taste Awards.  Their little team is passionate about coffee and showing anyone who cares to listen how to source, make and taste amazing coffee.